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My wife and kids use ubuntu laptops which I administer.

How do I prevent the system from, e.g., offering them software updates? (I know I can disable that for the whole box, but that is just one example of the wrong behavior - assuming that any user is an admin).

Specifically, I want to mark some users as non-admin users, so that they are never prompted for anything which requires root password.

I reported this as a bug but received no comments there. I wonder if I am barking up the wrong tree (i.e., the vast majority of ubuntu users administer their boxes). But what about all those ubuntu boxes in schools?

OTOH, the people affected by this issue, i.e., non-admin users, are unlikely to have a launchpad account, so they cannot vote for the bug.

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Settings-->Session & Startup-->take the check out of Update Notifier.

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thank you, yes, this is precisely what I meant when I said "I know I can disable that for the whole box". My actual question is, however, marked in bold – sds May 1 '13 at 15:10

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