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I believe the scenario I am trying is a bit different than what others are doing.

I have 2 ISOs downloaded. 1. UbuntuServer 12.10 2. Edubuntu 12.10

Edubuntu comes with option of installing GNOME classic, that means it must have the gnome-session-fallback somewhere in the DVD/ISO.

Now, - I have installed UbuntuServer on a machine which does not have internet connection. - I want to add a Gnome fallback desktop without internet - I have added Edubuntu DVD as a repository using apt-cdrom - I have fired apt-get update

So far, I can only see some 21 packages available for installation and it does not include gnome-session-fallback. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible?

It seemed possible to me initially because logically the DVD which allows gnome classic to be installed should also allow it to be installed on top of already installed ubuntu server from the same line (12.10). When I did vice-versa (i.e. first install Edubuntu and then add Ubuntu-Server DVD in apt repository) I was able to install available products in that DVD offline. il.e. openssh-server mysql-server etc.

Please help me out.


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