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I downloaded ubuntu over the weekend replacing Windows Vista and so far everything has been fantastic, except for one thing. I cannot get my webcam to work. I've tried camorama and camera monitor but they can't load an image. Can anyone help with any apps that I can download?

Many thanks

Updated 23/8/10: I have two webcams that I can use - a Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 and a Trust WB-1400T webcam. I have downloaded 'Cheese Webcam Booth', 'Camorama Webcam Viewer' and 'Kamoso'. I have read that there are a lot of problems using the MS Lifecam with Linux so any recommendations on webcams which work particularly well with Ubuntu would be very much appreciated.

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What kind of webcam do you have? – txwikinger Aug 22 '10 at 19:44
Like txwikinger asked - what kind of camera is it - is it embedded in a laptop or standalone? – Marco Ceppi Aug 23 '10 at 4:34

We need the make and model to really help you but you can look at the official support list here: (note: some reports might be outdated)

If your webcam doesn't show there, edit your post, telling us what the webcam is.

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webcams that are ordinary no HD will work fine "my webcam is a creative webcam Vista" a very old one and the system detects it in a second.. in my experience webcams are the most annoying hardware to be used with linux there only a limited list of webcams that work FINE on linux and the others will give u headaches in installing then they'll be too dark.

here's a list of the most supported webcams,digicams on linux maybe it'll help u:

Linux-drivers supported webcams and digicams list

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