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I'm trying to configure juju to work w/ MAAS. I'm configuring juju to run on the same node as MAAS. When I run "juju status" I get the following error:

error: file 'provider-state' not found

Any thoughts?

Here are the relevant parts from my .juju/environments.yaml:

  type: maas
  # Change this to where your MAAS server lives.  It must specify the base path.
  maas-server: 'http://<server IP>/MAAS/'
  maas-oauth: '<key from MAAS preferences page>'
  admin-secret: 'nothing'
  default-series: precise
  authorized-keys-path: ~/.ssh/
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While I have not seen that error before, I'm thinking that it might be related to the fact that you don't have a bootstrapped environment.

Did you:

juju bootstrap
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