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I've installed the new Version of Ubuntu 13.04. It works great but i think the system can run more faster with the right driver of my hardware. I actually use the NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 M.

I'm sorry, but my english is as bad as my linux knowledge ;-)

I'm not sure, which driver i should take. Currently the Driver is selected but is this the best i can take?

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Please see here:… but yes, as thefourtheye mentioned, the last one for that video card is the 313 one. – Luis Alvarado Apr 30 '13 at 15:26
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sudo apt-get install nvidia-313-updates

is the latest stable nvidia driver

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I have a 260GTX and am currently running 313 with very nice results.

Installed it through synaptics in a few minutes. Was easy install and get the performance and features you normally expect from nvidia products.

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