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When I do a ls -al the timestamp display is Month date time - would like it to be yy/mm/dd or just know WHERE to modify this?

I also cannot edit dconf-editor. - that shows %l:%M %p when I try to change it it just reverts back. I used sudo to launch.

Desktop shows time only

Nautilus shows weekday day month year time.

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In the end of your ~/.bashrc, paste the code below:

RAW_CUR_LS_ALIAS=`alias ls || echo "ls"`
CUR_LS_ALIAS=`echo "$RAW_CUR_LS_ALIAS" | sed "s/^alias ls='\|'$//g"`
alias ls="$CUR_LS_ALIAS --time-style='+%y/%m/%d %T'"

After pasting this command, save and close the file.

And run

source ~/.bashrc

Now try:

ls -al

You'll need source only this time, when you restart all of your gnome-terminal windows, it will always load the alias automatically.

If you want to customize it by yourself just take a look at the man of date and look for FORMAT options.

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Be careful about overriding the existing ls alias defined in the default .bashrc. If you just append this new declaration you'll lose the prior's text coloring. – ændrük May 2 '13 at 1:00
Updated the answer to keep settings found in previous defined alias for ls – Onilton Maciel May 2 '13 at 2:25

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