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When i push the button of main menu Ubuntu 13.04 i`m crying because:

What kind of problem is that? Hardware? Or software? Before Ubuntu 13 there was ubuntu 12.10 without any problems of transparency.

How can i turn off this effect?

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Looks like a video driver issue to me. What king of hardware are you using? –  Ed Manet Apr 30 '13 at 13:56
Memory: 1.8 Gb, 2 CPUs: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 1000.000 MHz, videocard - ATI RADEON 2100 with driver: Gallium 0.4 on ATI RS740 –  logvinenkas Apr 30 '13 at 14:47
See this: askubuntu.com/questions/286796/… –  kwstas May 3 '13 at 15:37
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