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I find it very inconvenient when I need to upload a file from a folder with A LOT of pictures and I need to inspect each file to find the image I'm looking for.

How do I make file dialog boxes view thumbnails like the way your file manager does?

Basically, from this:

To this:

I hear it's impossible. Is it true?

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That's called progess ;-) But there is an workable alternative

(if needed) Install dconf-tools open dconf-editor Click to: org -> gnome -> nautilus -> list-view Click (right side of the window) on default-zoom-level keep mouse button pressed for choosing prefered value: standard, large, larger, largest

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Hmm, doesn't seem to work. It does change the way the file manager views files though, but not the File Dialog Boxes – Kirk Gandril Madraga Apr 30 '13 at 14:01

sudo apt-get install konqueror

Yes this KDE have many dependencies, but you will have what you want: enter image description here

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