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Are there any simple tools to normalize an .ogg-library of 10'000+ songs so that the volume is the same throughout all songs?

Terminal or GUI doesn't matter, it only need to be simple.

One caveat though, I don't want soft interludes/intermissions and ballads blown out of proportion.

Preferably the process should find the overall gain of the album (I have all my CD's ripped into separate folders) and normalize the level thereafter.

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There's a tool in the repositories called EasyMP3Gain that works on Vorbis files. It will go Album gain adjustments as well as track adjustments.

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There is also a tool in the repositories called normalise-audio which will do it .It is somewhat faster than easymp3gain

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normalize-ogg is a command line program included in the normalize-audio package. The files will be re-encoded, not just tagged with replay gain information.

To install, go to a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type:

sudo apt-get install normalize-audio

To use, type:

normalize-ogg *.ogg 
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Hi, thanks for your answer. Your answer could be improved a lot by including how to install and an example on how to use normalize-ogg. Thanks! – Galgalesh Jan 10 '15 at 15:44

Another alternative is QtGainInstall QtGain

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