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I have a web server running the latest version of Ubuntu, LAMP stack and everything else required to run a local server. I managed to install wordpress on localhost/wordpress. And going to just localhost brings up "This is a test page...." When I type in the IP of the ubuntu running system on another network, i get the "This is a test page..." properly as it should come, however, when I go to myip/wordpress it says that a PHP file is missing in /etc/wordpress/somelongthingithaticantremember. What have I done wrong and/or what should I do to fix it? Thanks for your time, Yash.

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press ctrl+alt+t. in that terminal create that symbolic link.for that you should create a folder in /var/www

 cd /var/www
 mkdir yourfoldername

then create the symbolic link for it from that your wordpress folder

 sudo ln -s /home/path/to/yourfoldername/ /var/www/yourfoldername

after that, gives the file permission to that folder.

 chmod 777 -R /home/path/to/yourfoldername

then try it in your browser as you done before.(remember 777 gives the full permission)

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