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When i try to log in, the screen goes black for a couple of seconds and then comes back to the login page. If I deliberately type in an incorrect password a red error message appears, so i assume my password is correct. (During boot a line of red text appears below the Ubuntu 12.04 for a split second. it is gone too fast for me to read. Don't know if that is relevant.)

Any thoughts on how i can get in? It lets me log in as a guest, but of course I can't access my folders or documents as a guest. Or can I?



P.S. Shut down worked for the first time!

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It is dangerous for people who know bugger all to read stuff on the interweb, but I did anyway...Could my problems be related to an automatic log in bug? Alternatively Archie (tagged 12.04, updates on 24/2/13) has a similar problem diagnosed as X server problem. What is the X server, and more importantly, how do i fix it? –  cjclent Apr 30 '13 at 6:36
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