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I recently bought a Sony Vaio SVT13115FLS, first try to partition the hard drive and install ubuntu from a live usb, it not works because the Laptop never recognized the boot. Then I tried with Wubi, it works in a first moment, but once I open Windows, Wubi never worked again. Now (the ultime option to run Ubuntu) I install the virtual machine(VirtualBox ORACLE) and install Ubuntu 12.04 all works fine until the final step when is necessary restart the system in order to complete the install, When I did click restart the virtual machine is closed, and the install of Ubuntu never is completed.

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Please add more detail. Also please expand on "as well so far when he says that you have to restart, when I click restart damaged." so we can help you more :) Don't worry too much on the English but you do need to try and give us more detail – Michael Durrant Apr 30 '13 at 2:59

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