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I juste upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04 on my Samsung New Series 9 (NP900X4C-A01FR).

Before, in 12.10, I could move/minimize/maximize the windows, using 3 fingers. These 3 functions doesn't work anymore.

How to recover these ?

And here is what works :

  • 2 fingers : scrolling
  • 3 fingers : 2 tap to display the windows switcher
  • 4 fingers : 1 tap to launch the dash, swipe gesture to show/hide the launcher


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There is also four finger swipe left and right to reveal/hide the Unity bar (if you have it auto-hide). But all the useful gestures seem to have broken. :'-( In any case, we're not alone: – Anthony Apr 30 '13 at 22:21
you're right, I forgot about this one cause i've never really used it :) I marked as affected by this bug on launchpad, thx. btw I think -as this is a confirmed bug- that you can anwser my question with you comment. – Sulliwane May 1 '13 at 0:51
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There is a ticket opened for this bug which can be tracked here:

I miss my gestures too. :-(

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Apparently this has been removed 'by design'. The bug mentioned by @Anthony has been set to "Won't Fix".

It's bullshit, really.

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