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I want to install the 13.04 version in dual-boot with my Windows 7 via wubi. I'm not experienced user and do not have much knowledge about the commands, terminal and so on. When I boot the DVD or USB for non-wubi installation (happens in both cases), the first screen appears with options (try ubuntu, install ubuntu, memory test, etc.)
But when I try to install, the screen goes to the effect of 'burning paper'. After a while I hear a sound, as if it were working normally, but does not distinguish anything that appears on the screen.
If I turn off the LCD and turn on again, the screen returns like a 'tv out of tune' or something like this. I think it's something wrong with the resolution / frequency display.
I tested the 12.10, 12.04 and Mint 14 on a flash drive and a DVD, after failures, redid download the iso and tried again. But the same thing always happens.
I tried to install by the wubi, but when the computer will boot to complete the installation, the same thing happens again.

My hardware:

Notebook CCE Win i30s
Atom Dual Core D2500 @1.86 Ghz x2
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series
2 GB RAM memory

Some photos:

the error

burning paper effect

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