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i cliked the weel at right top it showed number of DE when i cliked with mouse nothing is happining as a result i cannot use lxde pla.. help me

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Please be more specific. State exactly what you did to login, including trying to select lxde, and then giving up and logging into something else (presumably Unity). – strugee Apr 29 '13 at 3:11
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This is an issue i've run into before as well.

You have too many DE's installed. Ubuntu needs to add a scroll feature to LightDM ,but till then, try using the tab key to select down to the DE you want. I've heard that this works, but haven't tried it myself. I only use Unity, so my solution to problem was to remove some of the DE's I had.

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I also had this issue. If the number or DE you have extends to the bottom of the screen you can't see the OK button. Use tab a few times and enter. The number of times varies by the location of the selected DE. For some reason Selecting DE in 12.10 was a 2 step process. 13.04 is back to the original just click to select.

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