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I am using HP-Pavilion G6-2005ax, powered by AMD APU A8-4500M, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and AMD Radeon HD7670M 1GB. I am using Ubuntu 13.04-amd64 version. While I am doing cold boot on battery, the Lap screen goes off permanently after a few seconds after selecting Ubuntu from GRUB, when I tried Recovery Mode, the same thing happens. While doing it on AC power, the screen recovers just after a second and shows mouse curser and continues to Login screen. I have found similar problem in Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit won't boot, freezes on black screen (I have installed AMD catalyst driver from AMD website and working fine). (While booting on battery the wireless and mute audio indicators blinks once, which can't be found in AC Booting)

There is a LED indicator in my Wireless key which is Red, if wireless is OFF and white if ON. When I tried to disable via key, it is not responding. When I disable wifi via network settings, the indicator goes Red and when the Lap is on Battery. When Itz on AC power, the indicator is always red. Never goes to Red, even wifi is disabled. Also I can't disable wifi or Bluetooth permanently, whenever I disable it, after a reboot, it gets automaticaly enabled.

What is the Bug with me, How can I fix it?

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