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I have an empty /var/lib/dpkg and as consequence both apt and dpkg are starting to complain about everything and with every simple task I would like to do with them: there is a way to rebuild that directory ?

I simply got this directory deleted ... don't ask why, it's something too "experimental" that I should not have try.

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Unless you have a backup you can restore from, no. You will have to reinstall.

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I noticed some automated backups under /var/backups/ but they are causing more troubles than benefits, also this way the rebuilding and the re-indexing of all the packages just takes forever ... – user2311177 Apr 29 '13 at 1:17
do you know where i can download the most up to date iso of Precise so I don't have to re-download all the updates separately ? – user2311177 Apr 29 '13 at 1:26

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