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I have two mobile broadband to connect to the internet. When they connected to the computer both are accessible from the network manager, but only one can be connected at the same time. Currently I use the first one using nm one my host OS, for browsing the internet and second one using a guest OS.

How can I use multiple mobile broad band at the same time without using a virtual machine so that I can save the resources used for the virtual machine.

I know this is a difficult task and requires command line play.

There are several possible ways to answer.
1. Like normal broadband (eth0, eth1) using some IP stuff but mobile broadbands can't be accessible using ppp0,ppp1 (unless they are connected using nm)
2. 1'st network for all application and 2'nd for a single application that downloads say wget. So 1'st device is connected using nm and the other using a special program or something like that (or the downloader th self is capable of that).

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You'll have to set up multiple IP addresses (there are several questions on Server Fault for this). Let's say they are and; that is, your computer has the address on one mobile broadband network interface, and on the other. You can then control which network interface each program sends requests on by controlling which local IP address it binds to.

In the Network Manager, use as your default local address. Your browser and other programs will have their requests routed through there.

For your download, specify an option to tell it to bind to the other address. For instance, for wget use

wget --bind-address= http://host.tld/path

or for curl, I think it's

curl --interface interfacename http://host.tld/path

where interfacename is something like wlan5:1. (You might not even need to set up multiple IPs if you're using curl, since you specify the network interface directly. I haven't tried this since I only have 1 Internet connection here.)

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OK. Thanks. How can I connect the second Device? I only know nm. ifup can't be used for ppp by default. – Prinz Apr 30 '13 at 8:39
IP address can be obtained from ifconfig. For Eg: ifconfig ppp0 – totti Jan 22 '14 at 8:41

It can't be done.

You could create route entries to use one connection for certain IP addresses and another for other IP addresses, but on a website, pages and download are on the same IP address so you couldn't distinguish them using this way.

This support should be implemented within the browser, but it's not, and I suppose they wouldn't even accept patches to do that.

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Why not possible ? See the other answer. – totti Jan 22 '14 at 9:09

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