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I am new in the Ubuntu World. When I tried to install Ubuntu 12.10 it was impossible; there was a kernel error, and there was no solution found (I searched for help). I have a Acer Aspire One D270. I tried installing the 12.04 version and I successfully did it. I have Windows Home Premium installed too. I erased the partition (Ubuntu´s) with Window´s Tool "Disk Management".

I had already tried installing it with both systems, but i couldn´t, that is why I errased that version. There's a message like "SYSLINUX, SOMETHING ABOUT COPYRIGHT, ETC". I want to update my OS. How can I fix this? Is there any solution?

I did this with a boot-able USB, I used a program called UltraISO. Is there a different way to do it than re-installing the older version?

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