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As it was presented in OMG! Ubuntu! a voice recognition tool is being developed and will possible deploy in Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu Desktop.

Although beyond the video shared in youtube I had no more information about that, rumors said that a testing ppa would be available for Ubuntu 13.04, although I didn't got anything else about this matter.

So if anyone knows about a testing PPA or any other way to test it share with us.

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I'm one of the lead developers on this project. The voice recognition program that OMG! Ubuntu! showed is not being developed by Canonical. We currently do not have a PPA but you can find the project on GitHub.

We are also occasionally on IRC #speechRecognition

In order to install Linux Speech Recognition go to the project's GitHub page. Download the ZIP file and extract it.

Then install some dependencies:

sudo apt-get install sox python-argparse libsox-fmt-mp3 mutt xvkbd xautomation

Open the extracted folder (Palaver-master) in the terminal and execute the setup:

cd /~Path-to-folder~/Palaver-master/

Now it is just to assign a hotkey to enable recording, in order to do that go to System Settings... > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts click the Plus Button to add a shortcut, name it Voice Recognition and set the command to:


Click apply, click over the shortcut and then assign a hotkey to activate Voice Recognition.

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Thanks for that, already installed it and testing, I will try to help if possible in the TO BE DONE BEFORE RELEASE part, but only if I am capable of something haha. Sorry for misunderstanding who is backing the project, will fix that in my question. – Rodrigo Martins Apr 27 '13 at 19:24

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