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I like to use simple commands (added to Thunar custom actions), like ffmpeg -i %f %f.mp3.

I can replace mp3 with flac for example - but what other output extensions can be used?

Also, in Thunar custom actions I can select which files to involve the command (audio, video, etc) but which exactly are the input extensions that can be used?

I have posted a similar question on avconv.

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There is an inbuilt list of codecs supported from the version of ffmpeg you have installed.

In a terminal type

ffmpeg -formats

This will give you a rather long list of supported formats beginning e.g. like below. All codecs listed with D can be used as input, all those listed with E can be used as output.

File formats:
 D. = Demuxing supported
 .E = Muxing supported
  E 3g2             3GP2 format
  E 3gp             3GP format
 D  4xm             4X Technologies format
 D  IFF             IFF format
 D  ISS             Funcom ISS format
 D  MTV             MTV format
 DE RoQ             raw id RoQ format
  E a64             a64 - video for Commodore 64
 D  aac             raw ADTS AAC
 DE ac3             raw AC-3

For more information on codecs, and details on their usage see:

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