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I have noticed that when I type in some programs, Text Editor, Terminal, Bluefish, Gnome Baker, etc. the mouse cursor disappears while I am typing. In other programs like Firefox and LibreOffice, it does not.

I am not an application programmer, but I imagined it has to do with their cross-platform nature and the way they are compiled or the toolkits they use. Then I noticed that Gnome-Do behaves the same way, the cursor stays on screen while typing.

Why is there inconsistent handling of the mouse cursor, while typing, across different applications?

Thank you.

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I'd say it is just how a designer decided to write the application there are no set rules for whether a cursor should hide or not.

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I guess I was hoping it was more of a global setting like the "Hide mouse cursor when typing" check-box in the control panel mouse applet on my Windows computer at work. Thanks. –  Jim Mar 2 '11 at 5:06

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