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I have made a BOOTABLE USB installation of Ubuntu 13.04 using pendrive linux.
I also have Windows 8 on separate partition. After I finished installing Ubuntu 13.04 from the USB, it went straight to Windows 8 without Grub showing to ask me to select an
operating system, how can i fix this ?
I don't have UEFI or secure boot.

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On Windows 8, try EasyBCD, a handy tool that allows you to create a multiboot environment in order to run multiple operating systems on the same computer.

For me it worked.

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it worked thnx , but do you have solution that doesn't require me selecting two times an operating system , like totally switching windows 8 boot manager with grub 2 ?? – saeed hardan Apr 27 '13 at 9:04
Now, if your grub 2 is working correctly (you have here all the help that you need to do this:, configure EasyBCD in that way to make Linux the default bootable OS and make the time for waiting equal with 0. – Radu Rădeanu Apr 27 '13 at 12:01

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