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After performing the auto upgrade from 12.11 to 13.04 offered by the update manager there are (till now 2 hours later) the following problems:

1/ the system does not connect to the WiFi router through DHCP I had to choose "manual" and enter ab IP in order to connect 2/ I am using a dual monitor system with the laptop monitor set to 1924x768 and my work monitor set to 1600x1024 and some application e.g code::blocks, Synaptic Package Manager, open in 1024x768 and refuse to maximize to 1600x1024 unless I do it manually by dragging their edges while other e.g. Chromium do not have such problem. 3/ the desktop background image appears either tiled or stretched outside the screen limits when i choose "stretch to fit the screen" 4/ many program icons are lost

any suggestions ?

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