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I have installed a fresh copy of Kubuntu 13.04. In it I could access bluetooth, wireless without any trouble. But I could not turn this off by just pressing the network button on the keyboard. It is always on. Since I am new to Kubuntu I don't know how to figure this out.

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Disable Bluetooth on startup

Source : Jupiter or similar power saving app for 13.04?

 sudo nano /etc/rc.local 

And add the following line before exit 0

 rfkill block bluetooth

Save & Exit & Reboot

Your bluetooth is off on startup but you can enable it from bluetooth icon.

Note: Some time my bluetooth icon is showing its on, but actually its turn off, I have check it many time

I can verify that its off by

 sudo tlp-stat

Wireless Section

 +++ Wireless
 bluetooth = off (software)
 wifi      = on
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Thank you for replying, but I don't even know how to save in terminal (Konsol) – Thuwarakesh Murallie May 17 '13 at 16:27
@ThuwarakeshMurallie use > sudo gedit /etc/rc.local > and then you can save it – Qasim May 17 '13 at 16:31

Disable Bluetooth (and some other services) from starting up

Solution involves use of inbuilt Graphical tool "Startup Applications". The process involves merely "un-ticking" the relevant services. Thus its a simple and intuitive solution.

This works under Ubuntu 12.10 and should work in 13.04 too, provided the "Startup Application" tool is present in 13.04.

Step 1- Open the tool by typing "Startup Application" in the Dash and clicking on the tool icon. (I hope this tool exists in 13.04 version) -- Accessing Dash-(there may be other ways too) 1) Press Winkey once 2) OR In the quick launch bar, click the first icon.

Step 2- From amongst the listed services, un-tick the Bluetooth service. (Other services can be turned off too, but you should be aware of the consequences)

Now close the tool..that all. The settings would apply next time you restart the OS.

Note: One advantage of disabling services is to free up the RAM and processor load but the downside is that if you require these services, you need to enable them manually.

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