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I have a dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04 (was beta testing, just upped to final release). In Win7 the sound card works great (I output through the optical cable). In Ubuntu the card is detected and setup. It shows up twice (once for digital and once for analog output) as CMI8738/CMI8768 PCI Audio. However, when I try to test the sound output nothing comes out.

Any ideas? I have searched and so far all I have really found is a download that is supposed to contain a driver but when unzipped it just contains a single *.c file and none of the supporting files needed to compile it.

The download I am referring to can be found here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=898046

You will see what I mean with it. I still have the Windows driver disc (a fat lot of good that will do me). Their website does not have any Linux drivers.

Any thoughts or ideas as to how to get it working?

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