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Ubuntu 12.10 64bit on a Dell studio 1558 laptop (i7 with 4 G of RAM). Everything worked fine... Last week I installed security updates and for some reason it just won't boot after the updates formated my system 3 times and it kept happening. Does anyone know wich are the updates that makes Ubuntu-studio to not boot after install?

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I wonder: "formated my system 3 times" - did you install the system fresh each time? – guntbert Apr 26 '13 at 16:41

Do you have dual graphics card? See this bug:

Accordingly to this bug, its happening to all systems that have hybrid graphics, but it has been fixed a few days ago, which means that soon it will be in the updates. To avoid that bug, simply keep always pressing shift key on boot and select a previous kernel. (Hopefully) it will work.

Edit: please keep in mind that you need to do that each time you boot to avoid that nasty bug until the update land in the repositories.


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