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Most answers here on booting/installing problems from live-usb tend to concern older systems, which should not apply here since I want to first set up Ubuntu on a new computer.

So here my problem: I assembled a new computer and first installed windows 7 from an USB stick as suggested here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot

When I then try to install Ubuntu I see briefly the live-usb start screen, but the machine freezes before I reach the welcome/language selection screen (an under bar is blinking in the top left corner for a while, then freeze)

Points to consider:

  • The computer is working with windows 7 and since I installed windows 7 from an identical USB stick, the Hardware should be ok.
  • my Ubuntu live-usb works nicely on my two laptops and should be ok too. (but both of them have a functional Ubuntu 12.10 installation)
  • BIOS bootloader is set correctly (otherwise I couldn't have installed win7)

I once created a ubuntu 64bit 12.10 live-usb with startup-disk creator and once 64bit ubuntu 13.04 live-usb with UNetbootin. No luck with either. (USB is formatted as FAT32 and flagged boot able, but I would guess that those tools would format the stick correctly)

I guess I am missing something. It has been a long time since anything was easier with windows than Ubuntu. I would be great if somebody here could point me into the right direction where I am making a mistake.

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