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I have installed ubuntu on 2 brand new 1TB hd's (raid1 config) using a boot cd. The install seems to have completed correctly but it wont boot. Using the boot cd and "try ubuntu" I can see all the files are there on the hard drive. I have tried the commands shown on this page (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair) to no avail. When I look at the bios it is showing only "Intel Server" under Hard drives in Boot options. When it goes through the boot process, after the bios screen it just comes up with an error about not detecting bootable drives. These hard drives were meant to replace an existing setup with 2 320gb drives in raid1. When I switch back to them, it loads without any problems. We run windows on every other computer on the network, this one is just used as a file server. Any ideas on what has gone wrong?

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