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I have a HP pavilion zd8000 machine 80G HDD, 1G RAM, Pentium 4. I can get Ubuntu to run on it in the "try" mode, but it will not install. before it gets to the screen where you choose to run alongside windows, I get a screen full of messages and it just stops. Could the CD I created be corrupt or is there an incompatibility issue with the PC?

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Which ubuntu are you trying to install? What are the messages? Please edit your question to include the error messages that you speak of. – DrSAR Apr 26 '13 at 5:02

Have you reviewed this bug report:

Initially I thought, compatibility issues with your laptop are unlikely since others have had good success getting it to run on a HP Pavilion ZD8000.

though not relevant, here are the instructions for md5sum checking:

You can follow the instructions at to check whether your CD is corrupt. If you have a linux system running, you can use the commandline md5sum program:

dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 count=732766208 | md5sum

(Details at the link above)

On windows you will have to download a program to calculated the md5sum of a disk such as winMD5Sum.

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I am trying to install 12.04.2 There is a whole screen of messages, not necessarily errors. I see something that says Invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP – Jim Schultise Apr 26 '13 at 16:52
Also Something that says Pid" 5792, comm: modprobe Tainted: P W 0 3.5.0-23 generic .... Also it stops on a line that says [287.040082] EIP: [<f969b521>] wdev_priv.part.7+0x3/0x5 [wl] SS:ESP 0068:eb759cec. I'd send a pic of the screen, but not sure if I can attach it. This is my first time attempting to use Ubuntu. I was extremely impressed with the "try" experience. – Jim Schultise Apr 26 '13 at 16:57
Oh, and thank you for your response – Jim Schultise Apr 26 '13 at 16:58
Did the checksum on the iso file - it was okay. Burned a new DVD. Still the same thing – Jim Schultise Apr 26 '13 at 18:25
I still have a bad reputation :-) Less than 10, so I can't post images – Jim Schultise Apr 27 '13 at 2:03

I tried installing 12.04.2 to a HP zv5000 (laptop) from DVD (when given the 2 buttons 'Try Ubuntu' or 'Install Ubuntu' - I selected the Install option) and encountered, and got stuck on, the similar text msg page.

I restarted PC, loading Ubuntu in the 'Try Mode' (from DVD). Then I click on the 'Install Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS' icon on the Ubuntu desktop and I was able to proceed.

Hope this works for you too.

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