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Is there a way to have a regular scanned display with audio via an HDMI connection on open-source drivers? Possibly a way to force DVI video output over HDMI instead of 1080p?

Machine: Dell Studio laptop w/ Radeon Mobility HD3450 graphics, open-source drivers, I have tried this on both 12.04 and 12.10. TV/Monitor connected via HDMI.

  • FGLRX drivers do not work for me (log in and only background shows up, yes I updated the kernals)
  • I can turn underscan on and off in xrandr (which leaves me with either a zoomed out or in desktop).
  • I have a cheap little TV with no overscan/underscan menu options.

Situation 1: HDMI sound is disabled by default.

Result 1: Info button on remote displays "DVI - 1920x1080@60Hz", image is perfect

Situation 2: HDMI sound is enabled via editing the GRUB.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.audio=1"

Result 2: Info button on remote displays "HDMI - 1080p", audio works, but display is overscan.

As stated in the title, the fglrx drivers do not work.

p.s. I have searched a lot, and have tried a few different fixes, however it is still very possible I missed something or made an error. Also, 99% of my Linux experience is Ubuntu, but I am still relatively new to Ubuntu and actually needing to use a command prompt/terminal to do things in an OS (I have taken university level coding classes before though).

Also, I know this question has been asked for AMD/ATI and received some answers, but none of the questions seem to address the overscan issue on open-source with an actual answer.

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