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I'm trying to install Windows 8 because I removed it accidentally.

What I've tried:

  • extracted iso and added the boot flag within Ubuntu
  • extracted iso using PowerISO within Windows 7 (other computer)
  • change boot order

What happens when it starts:

  • no video mode activated
  • Loading linux 3.8.0-10-generic
  • Loading initial randisk

Ubuntu 13.04 Beta 2

I've done this always and worked successfully, also I tried different iso's and same happens.

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Are you in secure boot mode? – Freedom_Ben Apr 25 '13 at 19:36
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It sounds like Grub is not configured to see the Windows boot partition, and you're booting into GRUB rather than Windows Boot Manager.

The simplest (but more time-consuming) way to handle this is to completely wipe the system and install Windows 8 by itself. Then install Ubuntu alongside.

The faster but more difficult/risky way, is to take your chances with reconfiguring Grub. Here is a good tutorial on Grub2 that may help you, and here are some instructions that might help you as well. Unfortunately you can't follow them verbatim, but they may help you get it figured out.

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