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So I downloaded Ubuntu Raring, and setup a USB install drive for my Lenovo u410. I had a fully working 12.10 install on the computer but went with a custom partitioning scheme. I formatted the ext4 partition on my 30gb SSD and mounted it as / I then mounted the existing 1tb ext4 partition as /home

The installation went through fine, however when rebooting the computer it goes to the multiboot menu, where I can see boot from USB, SDD, HDD, and PCI. When I select any, I get a screen from the bios showing the PCI controller and the patent numbers, after a few seconds I see 'Media test failed' and the computer reverts back to the multiboot menu.

I still have a 256mb fat32 patition on my SSD along side ubuntu, it's labelled as EFI. Also when I boot from USB it uses GRUB-EFI. Is this a hardware problem with my Laptop that just arose in the ten minutes it took to install ubuntu or is it a software issue that can be fixed?

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I think it has something to do with the installer failing to install grub. I reinstalled a fresh 12.10 and ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. After booting the system runs fine.

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