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When I installed Ubuntu on my laptop I have find out that every time I download something, the download speed is very low. I thought that maybe it's overload on the internet or something in company, but today when I was installing Ubuntu 13.04 it was downloading by speed 14.5 kb/sec max speed it get was 20.3 kb/sec

So I used my sister's laptop, she uses Windows 7 and tried to install, I found out that her laptop download speed was 200+ kb/sec.

So I said, maybe its the position and wireless stuff. I put my laptop on my lap and it's better than her in the same position and I paused download on her lap and start on mine and also very low download speed on my lap.

And it happened with me before, I tried to download a movie and my download speed was very low, but on Windows it's 200+ and 300+ kb/sec.

How can I fix this?

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I think this might help: and if it doesn't you need to update the drivers as answered. – Elian Kamal Sep 29 '14 at 16:59

Maybe you should look for a better driver of your wireless card. Go to the application 'Software Sources' to do this.

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