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Trying to install 32bit x86 xubuntu on sdb. sda has grub, W2000 and Fedora-3. Install CD live session works like a charm (this is why I chose xubuntu based on previous experience with it on usb stick live session an frustration with another distro), but my install fails.

Install CD hangs if I chose "Install" option in opening screen. If I doubleclick on install CD in live session it gets to the point of asking me to unmount or not sda. Regardless of my answer it hangs anyway.

I tried it with sdb partitioned and no ext filesystem created and with ext3 filesystem created, at least 6Gb.

I would like to install xubuntu on sdb1 (6Gb of ext3) and use my existing grub on sda to chose to boot to xubuntu on sdb1. But I have no problem to install grub on sdb MBR and chose BIOS boot to sda grub or sdb grub. The main thing is that I'd like to leave sda alone.

Would a brute force approach of pulling the wire off from sda hard drive and use the xubuntu install CD? Is there a more elegant solution?

Thank you,

Janos P.S. I browsed related answers without solving my problem.

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Don't know why it hangs, but as a workaround, consider installing a previous version and upgrading after installation. If applicable, another option is to install on sdb from within a virtual machine that has an unused sda virtual disk. – ignis Apr 24 '13 at 13:29
Consider launching the installer ubiquity from a terminal, redirecting the output to a file, so this might give you an error log. (Again, consider doing it in a virtual machine, to avoid messing sda with a non-clean unmount.) When it hangs, press Ctrl+Alt+F1: if a terminal prompt appears, run the command dmesg | tail, this could give you more information. – ignis Apr 24 '13 at 13:35

Thanks for the suggestions. Brute force did not work, but installing previous version and upgrading did. Now I have a functioning Xubuntu.

ubuquity reported illegal something, so it did not help to pinpoint the problem. But installing previous version did.

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