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I'm a user using ubuntu 12.10, and recently, I got a problem loging in in ubuntu.

It was working fine till yesterday, but since yesterday, whenever I try to start ubuntu, only orange-yellow screen is shown. When I shut down the computer and restart, I can see login screen but it is cracked - I mean, the screen is split into 2 piece. When I login, I can see my desktop but everything elses' gone! And again, when I try to restart it, it gives me the orange screen again.

I'm currently using ubuntu with windows 7. My computer is dell insprion 620s, and my graphic card is AMD Radeon HD 6450.

P.S. when I boot into securitu mode, it works fine but the graphic and the performance become worse.

Please help me out because I'm newbie at ubuntu.

Thank you in advance.

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