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I made the decision to switch from Pidgin to Empathy on my Ubuntu 12.10 netbook. However, after uninstalling Pidgin and installing Empathy, there seems to be a disconnect between Empathy and Ubuntu Online Accounts in terms of setting up accounts. After installing the prerequisite plugins, I setup my accounts in UOA. All accounts connect fine in UOA. A drop-down list mentions that Empathy is a program that can be associated with the accounts. However, when I setup, for example, my AIM account, UOA says there is no application installed to use the account. I get the same with Windows Live and Yahoo.

Oddly enough, Yahoo works in Empathy. The accounts connect fine. But UOA insists there's no installed application that connects with the accounts. So far I've found that IRC, Yahoo and Google connect fine in Empathy (though IRC is not configurable for NickServ), but Facebook, AIM, Windows Live, and GroupWise have authentication problems (even though the accounts all connect fine in UOA).

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