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I'm happy Acer AOD257 (2GB, Atom) netbook owner with Ubuntu 12.10.

I once saw that all Nautilus/Unity/Ubuntu icons are in raster and vector formats. BUT! I see vector only.

My netbook is weak, does anybody have any solutions?

QUESTION: How to enable bitmap icons by default?

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BUT! I see vector only - Can you explain this better?. How to enable bitmap icons by default? - All software make use of either Vector and Bitmap image files or both if they're present in the current icon theme in use. – Uri Herrera Apr 23 '13 at 19:22

There is no way to do that, and for good reason. For the most part rendering a simple SVG (like an icon) takes roughly as much CPU time as decompressing a PNG. You're unlikely to see any speedup by switching to only bitmap icons.

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