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I'm experiencing a huge slow down during any installation with apt or "dpkg --install" whenever the installation comes to the point of unpacking something.

For example, currently the system is installing the webmin .deb file and its now extracting for good 20 minutes. The .deb file is 21MB in size. If I extract it manually with the built-in GUI Archive Manager it takes about 3 seconds. The system (Ubuntu Desktop 12.10) is runnining on a 32GB SSD with an 1.65 GHz Dual-Core CPU (AMD E-450).

I found similar problems from 3 years ago with 10.04 but I guess that was a diffrent issue as I couldn't found threads where the issue appeared on any later versions than 10.x. I did a apt-get update+upgrade yesterday directly after I installed Ubuntu.

E: Seems like I have this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/947664 Using --unsafe --force-unsafe-io speed the whole thing up. Took only 20 seconds.

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