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Not sure whether this would be more appropriate in a Centos forum, but I'll post it here for starters as I am more comfortable and familiar with Ubuntu. I recently purchased a server with Centos 6.3 already on it. I want to copy some files from my Ubuntu Server 12.04 drive as an external USB drive. It immediately comes up as a drive in Centos, but it only shows a GRUB folder, a Lost+Found folder, and a few other files. I had LVM set up on it, but I don't see any of that.

Any suggestions? I'd like to avoid copying over the network.


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It is much more a CentOS problem - to access a partition that is part of a LVM setup the receiving system must have LVM installed (about which I can't tell you anything).

From here the steps are the same on every system:

You can see what is there with sudo pvdisplay (to see physical volumes), sudo vgdisplay (for volume groups) and sudo lvdisplay for logical volumes -- all three for checking only.

You then must activate all LVs with sudo vgchange -a and will now be able to mount any LV you want.

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