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I am trying to write down a small script, whose aim is to print out a list of packages I have installed explicitly.

So I take the packages installed after the end of installation, and in the state not automatic, but, between the others, ubuntu-restricted-extras shows this strange, in my opinion, behavior.

Edit: changed title from "automatic" to "non automatic"

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ubuntu-restricted-extras is a meta-package. That will cause any installed direct dependencies of it be marked as not automatically. A meta-package can be removed afterwards, which is often mentioned in a packages description.

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Sorry, I mean they are NOT marked automatic, my title was incorrect, i edited it. – enzotib Feb 28 '11 at 17:34
Oops, I mixed meta-packages with traditional packages+dependencies. Meta-packages are special packages, and identified by Section: metapackages in the "control" file (found in control.tar.gz) – Lekensteyn Feb 28 '11 at 18:02

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