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I am not new to Ubuntu however, I'm having trouble installing it on a new Lenovo Ideapad laptop model G780. It came pre-loaded with Windows 8. When I install Ubuntu, it's fine but at dual-boot it gives me the following error:

File Missing or Corrupt
/ubuntu/winboot/wubilder.mbr Status 0x000007b

I have to boot it from Wubi because the CD/DVD is not listed when I press F12 to go to the boot menu.

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wubi.exe is not working always good , especially on Laptops with Windows 8 (and I presume EFI and Secure Boot ON). Try to do a regular installation of Ubuntu (on a separate partition). But first , read this – NikTh Apr 23 '13 at 2:25
WUBI does not work with UEFI and Windows 8. It won't be included from the next version of Ubuntu (13.04) to be released in a couple of days. See Installing Ubuntu on a pre-installed UEFI supported Windows 8 system – user68186 Apr 23 '13 at 17:02

The disk isn't booting because your computer doesn't recognize 32-bit OS. Burn and boot the 64-bit image for windows 8 with UEFI.

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