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What is the best medium for sending feature requests? Both for Ubuntu as a whole and individual (supported) apps?

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Noel, you need some change in the answer or the answer provided is enough? –  Manish Sinha Mar 1 '11 at 21:30
Most feature requests are ignored, regardless of the venue. There simply are not enough volunteer developers to respond to the constant flood of requests. The best way to add a feature to Ubuntu is to create it, or find it in the wild and package it, or to help a project or team that is working on it. –  user535733 May 6 '12 at 23:44
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Individual Applications

For individual apps, the best way is not Brainstorm, but filing a bug requests or feature request in the individual applications.

Some upstream development portals might be having explicit feature for asking user ideas but most of them use their bug tracker for that.

Example, you want a new feature in Synapse (the kick-ass launcher powered by zeitgeist) then you can file a bug request, ask for the feature and ask for the bug to be classified under Wishlist.

Or before filing bugs for wishlist, you might want to talk to the devs of the particular application. You can look at their mailing list or IRC channel.


For Ubuntu, as Octavian mentioned Brainstorm is supposed to be a good platform, but sadly most of the ideas are neglected.

Recently Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman mentioned that Technical Board will take up 10 most popular ideas and respond to them. I still find Brainstorm a big disappointment. Just too many ideas are logged to such an extent that the good ideas are lost in the crowd.

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so basically there is no way to make sure that your idea or request ATLEAST reached canonical team? Can getting involved here- wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork be limited to just giving ideas? –  Nirmik Aug 17 '12 at 16:33
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