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Using a Belkin KVM switch. Normally, I'd be able to double-tap scroll-lock and choose a number corresponding to the machine I wish to switch to, however, since I upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 Beta 2, double-tapping the scroll-lock no longer changes machines.

I had assumed that this "double-tap" was hardcoded into the KVM unit and it should always work, but it seems I was wrong.

Anybody have any ideas? The KVM is a Belkin 2-port 1DL102P (with built-in cables and audio support), and doesn't have any buttons on the unit itself, so there's no "manual override" or "hard reset" buttons.

Looks like this:

Belkin 2-port 1DL102P

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Is it some kind of key-binding glitch?

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OK, it seems that unplugging the KVM's kbd/mouse adapters from both machines and plugging it back in served as a "hard reset" of sorts because now it's working again.

Since this unit derives it's power from the PS2 ports instead of using an AC Adapter, unplugging the PS2 cables did the trick.

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Does it switch when you call this script?

LEDNAME="Scroll Lock"

xmessage -timeout 1 "Switching..." &

STATE="$(( $(xset q | awk '/LED/ {print $10}') & LEDMASK ))"

test $STATE -eq $LEDMASK && xset -led named "$LEDNAME" && sleep $SLEEP
xset led named "$LEDNAME"  
sleep $SLEEP
xset -led named "$LEDNAME" 
sleep $SLEEP
xset led named "$LEDNAME"  
test $STATE -ne $LEDMASK && sleep $SLEEP && xset -led named "$LEDNAME"
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I stopped using the device after a week. It was just a temporary solution while I was testing a server tower I didn't have spares for. – Seann Nov 9 '14 at 0:17
Scroll lock on the keyboard does not work for me, but this script does. Any hint why? – Alex Mar 23 '15 at 1:37

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