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I've installed Ubuntu, but when it is loading it gives following error:

mount:can't read proc/mounts. Can't fount such file or directory

However, OS continues loading but when I try to enter system using my login/password, which I entered during installation, it fails to login.

Does someone know what is problem here? I've tried reinstall ubuntu several times, but problem still occurs.

Medium from I installed: Windows 7. Installed Ubuntu with wubi, where I chose separate disk G(NTFS file format), set installation size: 18GB, chose Ubuntu in dropdownlist, language English(GB) and set username and password.

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Added answer for your question – Nurlan Apr 22 '13 at 12:01
have you try to format the / partition of the disk G in EXT? – feligiotti Apr 22 '13 at 12:20
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This is a caused by running an out of date wubi.exe from 12.04 or 12.04.1 (refer to bug Wubi 12.04 installs development release). Because the Wubi.exe is out of date it tries to download the development release wubi disk image. These are no longer created, but there is still a broken one from the 13.04 development release sitting out there, so it gets downloaded.

You need to get the latest Wubi for 12.04.2 from here:

Or the 12.10 Wubi from here:

There is also a 13.04 Wubi here:

Any of these will work.

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