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I'm still a beginner, but I have used Ubuntu and other distros before. I run a German setup so I'm not shure about the correct words.

So here's the problem: My netbook (ASUS X201E) with fresh Ubuntu 12.10 (32bit) runs without problems for ~2 hours on battery. It was idling most of the time, so battery was still at 80%. Suddenly I get the message that "battery life was low and the system is shutting down to save energy". The next thing I read was that the "battery has been removed", which wasn't possible since 1) battery is soldered in this model and 2) removing the battery would have cut the energy supply immediately. Then suddenly estimated battery life was back to 3 hours. However the system went into hibernation a few seconds later. I couldn't turn on the netbook again until plugging the power cable. It also booted normaly instead of "waking up" from hibernation.

Is this a hardware problem? The netbook is new, so I could return it. Or is it the software reading the battery status wrong? Battery life should however be approx 5 hours and not 2.

Additional information: - BIOS has no power management/power saving options afaik - I installed laptop-mode-tools, didn't change the defaults though

Any advice? Thanks for your help.

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