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I just recently installed 12.10 on a new Lenovo T430, and added these options in \etc\fstab:

discard, relatime

To \sda1 on which \ is installed. When I rebooted, I got an error claiming that it couldn’t read \, and got thrown into a read-only shell, which necessitated booting from a rescue disk to revert to the original fstab.

So: What are the correct options for SSD, and how can I make sure I won't get locked out of the system again?

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For my own SSD I use discard, noatime which seems to work, but with the /etc/fstab you have to make sure that no spelling errors are present or it can halt boot-up...

During initial boot hold down SHIFT key and go into recovery mode and from there you can enable read/write by selecting fix repo's and then drop to prompt to fix your /etc/fstab file...

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You should not add whitespace in the options list. discard,relatime should be used instead of discard, relatime. While you are at it, you can remove relatime since this is the default setting for recent kernels.

To fix this error, you can boot from a Live CD, mount your root partition and edit the /etc/fstab file with appropriate permissions.

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You used a backslash ("\") rather than a forward slash ("/"), which is not allowed on Uinux-like systems like Linux.

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