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Now I am currently fiddling with switcheroo on my laptop and am slowly figuring it out. Though I seem to be hitting a hiccup when it comes to hibernation. Upon hibernating and waking the laptop back up it seems as if switcheroo hits a snag. While the command

cat /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch

reports back with the current state of my two graphics processors and reports that the DIS graphics processor is not powered on and is off while at the same time my fan is full boar giving out a decent amount of heat as if the DIS adapter were on.

Now one would think just execute the commands again but I seem to hit yet another snag upon reactivating the DIS adapter using the ON command for switcheroo the system with process for a moment, the fan will spin down as if it turned off the DIS adapter and the screen will turn black with nothing but my cursor. And using the OFF command instead of the ON command in the same situation yields no result.

Now this only happens when I hibernate at least once otherwise I can turn the DIS adapter on and off all I want with no repercussions.

Now this leads me to think there is a bug and I plan on to report my findings soon in the mean time is there a way to execute commands upon hibernating and coming out of hibernate. I ask because maybe if I execute the ON command for switcheroo upon hibernating and then the off command for the DIS adapter I can work around a problem here.

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