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I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 (I formatted my old Lucid Lynx drive by accident). It's been working great, but every now and then (especially when I leave) this pops up, lasts for about 5 seconds, fades away, and a new one appears. I am using a Dell Studio 1737, a USB HDD for Ubuntu, a USB mouse and a USB keyboard. It's always plugged in, too, if that helps.

I've googled around, and I've seen a post that lead me to believe that my problem is related to the media hotkeys on the built-in keyboard. They look like this.

It seems that a log-out CAN fix it. Sometimes I have to restart, or shutdown and hard boot.

My friend thinks that it's a driver problem.

I've had good experiences with Ubuntu, left for Windows because of gaming, and I came back because of Steam. I'm very disappointed in the downgrade from Lucid Lynx to Quantal Quetzal.

I hope someone can make this an upgrade for me.

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Had a similar issue on my new ASUS R500A, with keyboard stopping and the mouse no longer being able to click (moving and hovering still worked) in X. Ctrl-Alt-Fn still worked, and I could open a shell from a terminal screen.

I too did stumble into a media key that showed that same "blocked" icon, but I couldn't relate that to the problem. I have no steps to reproduce.

I have the same Ubuntu version running on an older HP laptop for quite some time now and never saw that before.

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