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I'm trying to set up ubuntu from my old macintosh laptop, but when it asks me to put in the "mirror of ubuntu archive" I run into problems.

For the mirror, I put in for the ubuntu archive mirror directory, i put in pub/ubuntu/ Then I leave the http proxy blank and hit "continue"

It then tries to "download release files", which starts at 0%, and eventually jumps straight to 100% and then it presents me with an error of "bad mirror archive".

Any advice? I never set up ubuntu before, and I'm really struggling with this step.

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The mirror seems to be up, and the directory seems to be good too. Are you sure about the proxy settings? What about the IP configuration? – apoorv020 Feb 27 '11 at 19:14

How old is this Mac? PowerPC hasn't been on most mirrors since 6.04, so you'll need to find somewhere that's specifically mirroring

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